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How to change root password in all Teradata nodes?

TO change the default root password of Teradat nodes you can either login to each node and do it manually. But if you have a larger TD system then possibly this may not be feasible. To avoid loggin in to each TD node you cna make use of teradata utility called psh. Using which you can change password on all nodes by just connecting to one node.

Here are the steps to follow:
1) Login to node 1 (or any node) of your Teradat system as root

2) Run below command and follow the prompt. psh utility will first connect to all the nodes and will then prompt for new password twice.

# psh -i ‘passwd root’
all 4 nodes:
Changing password for root.
New Password:
passwd.0> MyNewRootPassword
all 4 nodes:
Reenter New Password:
passwd.1> MyNewRootPassword
all 4 nodes exited
all 4 nodes:
Password changed.

3) Type exit to exit the psh utility
psh.0> exit