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Row set limit in Netezza

Some info about row set limit in Netezza:

– We can set the maximum number of rows retrieved by a query at user level or group level.
– Rowset limit can be set upto 1 billion rows or set it to 0 for unlimited.
– Rowset limit only applied to user table and views. Queries to system table and view are not limied by this setting.
– To avoid issues with CTAS or “select * into” queries, user can disable the setting at session level. The setting will be disabled only for these two operations.
– User can run “SET ROWSETLIMIT_LEVEL=0” to disable the rowset limit to perform above operation. To enable set the value back to 1.
– To check the status of rowset limit at session level run “SHOW ROWSETLIMIT_LEVEL”.
– When we disable row set limit at session level and tru to create table using CTAS or select * into , then it will not be suject to row limit if the table being created is a database table. IF external table is being created then the row set limit will still apply.