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Netezza Thermal Fault Event – Known Bug

Thermal fault warning by TwinFin Server running on NPS v 6.0.5P5
NzEv-diskEncl Thermal_Fault 1122 @ 1st Rack, 7th DiskEnclosure for ServerName at 06-Nov-13, 01:14:22 EST

Exact Event Text:
Hostname ServerName
NzEvents 1
Event Thermal_Fault
Event Time 06-Nov-13, 01:14:22 EST
hwType diskEncl
hwLocation 1st Rack, 7th DiskEnclosure label slot-3 hwId 1122 currentValue $curValue errString Temperature reading is in missing state eventSource System initiated

This is a know bug in NPS v6 that can be ignored. It’s a temperature misread by the system and not a actual issue. Basically the system was trying to get the temp of the enclosure but at the same time the sensor is trying to get the temperature. Thus it hits this bug.

This is a know bug. No action needed.