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Netezza – nzstart errors out

nzstart fails to start Netezza

You will find below error in /nz/kit/log/startupsvr/startupsvr.log
Error: NZ-00305: program ‘initvrels’ stopped unexpectedly after 10 seconds with status 1.

ALso, you may not be able to see any message logged in sysmgr.log for this startp attempt because nzstart failed even before sysmgr background service was started.

The above error message shows there was an NPS program that failed to start. One possible cause is a lock file conflict between the nzhealthcheck service and NPS. If this issue occurs once in a while then follow below steps as a work around.

Run ‘service nzhealthcheck stop’ to stop nzheathcheck service then issue nzstart. Once Neteza is started then issue ‘service nzhealthcheck start’ to restart nzhealthcheck service.

Note, this is just a work around and the actual issue needs to be resolved with IBM.