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How to modify PSSDiag to run on different server?

If you already have a PSSDiag.exe provided by Microsoft and for some reason you have to run the same PSSdiag to collect same information in different server or database instance then you can do it easily just by making coule of chnages in PSSDiag.xml file.

NOTE:- When you run PSSDiag.exe, it will extract all the required files and one of that will be PSSDiag.xml

Steps to do:
1) Open PssDiag.xml in notepad.

2) Update Machine name. This will be server where your database instance is installed.
<Machine name=””>

If you are planning to run PssDiag by copying all files to srever and run from there, then you can just put “.” also. Dot means local serevr and should run fine.

3) Update database instance name.For named instance:
<Instance name=”SQL2008″ windowsauth=”true” ssver=”10″ user=””>

For default instance:
<Instance name=”MSSQL” windowsauth=”true” ssver=”10″ user=””>

4) Save the file and then pssdiag.

PSSDiag is created based on OS version, 32/64 bit machine, SQL Server version and database instance name. SO, above changes will work fine only if you are editting PSSDiag.xml file which was originally created for same OS version and 32/64bit machine.
For different SQL Server version and instance name, the above changes will work fine.