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LDAP Authentication – Netezza Server

LDAP Authentication facts:

– Netezza system uses Plugabble Authentication Map (MAP) to authenticate users on LDAP server
– This is a system wide setting
– On a Netezza server with LDAP enabled, you can also create a locally authenticated accounts in special cases – like to create a application account
– Admin user always uses local authentication
– LDAP authentication can only be used for database user accounts. This cannot be used for Netezza server OS accounts
– After LDAP authentication process is completed sucessfully, Netezza looks for user in system catalog
– If LDAP authentication fails then user will get error message. Failure reason will be written /nz/kit/log/postgress/pg.log
– No password needs to be mentioned when we create or alter a user with LDAP authentication
– End users will not see any difference between locally authenticatd account and LDAP authenticated