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Interesting facts about Netezza

  • When LDAP authentication is enabled for Netezza database users, Netezza uses Pluggable authentication map (PAM) to authenticate users in LDAP name server
  • Starting from NPS v7.03, multiple schema’s can be created in a database. In earlier versions we can have only one default schema which will be same as database owner name
  • To set number of failed database login attempts for Netezza users, you can update invalid_attempt parameter in /nz/data/postgresql.conf
  • Default LDAP authentication timeout value is 300 sec but can be changed by making changes to auth_timeout parameter in /nz/data/postgresql.conf
  • Whenever you make changes in /nz/data/postgresql.conf file you have to restart Netezza (nzstop and nzstart) for the changes to take effect
  • You can query _t_pg_locks system table to look for object level locking and the session id locking that object
  • In Netezza, maximum value for a transaction id is 100 trillion, enough to capture transactions for hundreds of years