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Installing SQL Server Denali CTP1 – Part 3

Previous Steps..

Step 16: –

We have to provide the path for Data root directory, User database directory, User database log directory, Temp DB directory, Temp DB log directory and backup directory.

Step 17: –

Enable FileStream if required

Step 18: –

Provide details of users who should have admin privileges to SSAS

Step 19: –

Provide Data directory, Log directory, Temp directory and Backup directory for SSAS.

Step 20: –

Select appropriate option as how Reporting Services are to be configured by installer. Here we will install the native mode with default configuration.

Step 21: –

Click Next and move to next step.

Step 22: –

Installer will check for the installation configuration rule and will report if any rule failed. Move to next step if there are no failures.

Step 23: –

Installer will show a summary of all the configuration and settings that we have selected for the installation. Review the summary and click on Install if everything looks fine.

Step 24: –

It will take around 1hour if all components are installed as in this case; it also depends on hardware and components that are to be installed.

Once installation is completed successfully, we will see the below screen.

As a best practice, always check installation log under setup_bootstrap folder in C:\program files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\

Next steps are to do the database configuration like memory settings, creating maintenance plan jobs, etc. Also, make sure firewall settings are to be completed now (if not completed during the installation).