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How to Restart Windows Server Remotely

Although this article does not talk about any database related activity but is really useful for core DBA’s when they restart the windows server after SQL Server installation / upgrade or applying SQL Server patches. Some times after we issue a reboot command from remote desktop session, we are not able to do RDP back to this server even after the server restarted successfully and we are able to ping. As per my personal experience, I normally face this issue with windows 2003 server.

Following are the steps to restart windows server remotely.

Step 1: –

Make a remote desktop session to a different server (say test server) and go to control panel a Administrative tools.

Step 2: –

Now open “Computer Management”.

Step 3: –

When Computer Management window opens, right click on ”computer management (Local)” and click on “Connect to another computer”.

Step 4: –

Here select the “Another computer” radio button and type the FQDN (Full qualified domain name) of the server say target.domainname, which you want to restart. Click OK.

Step 5: –

Now you are connected to target.domainname and you can see the Computer Management options of this server.

Step 6: –

Right click on “Computer Management (target.domainname)” and go to Properties.

Step 7: –

Now you can see the computer properties of target.domainname server.

Step 8: –

Go to Advanced tab and then click on Settings under the panel “Startup and recovery”.

Step 9: –

Below screen will open. Here click on Shut Down.

Step 10: –

In Shut Down window, select restart option under Actions. Under “Force App Close” panel select the appropriate action and click OK to restart the server.