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Guest Writer

We are proud to announce that has turned 3 and as a token of appreciation for all our visitors we are planning to accept guest articles from our visitors. We will accept original technical article, best practice, error resolution, etc technical articles (any length but minimum of 200 words preferable) from our visitors. We will clearly mention the Author details along with the article.

We accept articles in following technologies:

  • Netezza
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • Sybase
  • Technical stuff directly associated with above databases like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc settings for better DB performance, etc

Why write for us?

We will publish your details along with your article and will share the direct link for your article. You will be able to share your work on your linkedIn profile, other professional websites like linkedIn so that people and technical recruiters can see your work. Bottom line is people across the web can see and appreciate your work and professional growth by sharing your article link under linkedIn publications.

How to get your article published?

If you would like to share your knowledge with the world and would like to use our platform then kindly send your article at our email address with following details:

  • Name
  • Technical Article
  • Short description about yourself
  • Email Address (optional)
  • Picture (optional)
  • LinkedIn / Twitter Profile (If you want visitors to know more about you) (optional)

Once we receive your email, your article will be reviewed and will be published in 5-10 business days. Once your article is approved and published on our website we will email you with the direct link of your article. We will publish your name and other details (as requested above) along with your article.

By sending us your article to be published on our website it will mean that you agree with T&C.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Copied content not allowed. If at any time we were reported that the content sent to us was copied from somewhere else, we will remove that immediately without notice
  • Once article is published on our website then will become the owner of the article and should not be published anywhere else

Any questions on this can be asked by send us email: or in the comment section.