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ERROR: 0 : Can’t parse input

ERROR: 0 : Can’t parse input

You get this error randomly. Queries some time work fine but fail some other time when using one of the SQL Extension toolkit functions. Possibly with different data set.

This error is recorded in postgres and dbos log:

Postgres Logs:
more pg.log | grep ERROR
pg.log.18:2013-11-01 11:12:06.793853 EDT [9902] ERROR: 0 : Can’t parse input

DBOS Logs:
more dbos.log | grep ERROR
planid 103419 tx 0x2dbe6ce cli 316 uid 60439 sid 75581 pid [17759] spu ID 180 err = 0 : Can’t parse input

Possible cause is the queries that make use of SQL extension toolkit functions like array_count, array_split, regexp_replace, etc. This is a known issue in version 1.4.
This random error is fixed in SQL extension toolkit version 1.6P2. If your current version is below 1.6P2 then upgrade to this version.