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How to enable Latin 9 character set in Teradata?

When you migrate from Netezza (default character set is Latin 9) to Teradata (default character set is Latin) you may see some issues

when you have some Latin 9 specific data. Although you can create a database or table to use different character set but that

character set have to be enabled first before you can use it and Latin9 is disabled by default.

Here are the steps that you can follow to confirm if its disabled and how to enable it:
1) RUn below sql and look for output Install Flag column for LATIN9_0A Character set, If its N then its disabled.

Select CharSetName,CharSetId,InstallFlag from dbc.CharTranslationsV order by 2;


2) To enable just run below update query and restart Teradata database

update dbc.CharTranslationsV set InstallFlag=’Y’ where CharSetId in(123,124,125,126);