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How to disable Teradata view point login for non-users?

By default if you have setup your Teradata viewpoint to use LDAP then any ldap user can directly login to viewpoint even if the user is not created in Viewpoint. This is something called auto provisioning and is ON by default. When the users are able to login by default they will be added to user role. So, whatever permissions are granted to user role that will automatically be assigned to this user.

Also, viewpoint will automatically create this user in viewpoint. SO now when you check all the users in viewpoint you will see this new user added. May be this feature is good for some organizations but no for others. So, how to avoid this to happen?

You can disable this auto provisioning feature by following below steps:

  1. Login to viewpoint as admin or a user with administrator role
  2. Navigate to settings little icon on top right (second from right) just next to user image
  3. Click on LDAP Servers option
  4. Under servers tab select your LDAP server
  5. On the right side you will see all details regarding this LDAP server configurations. Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced Options99
  6. Under Auto-Provisioning uncheck the option “Turn On auto-provisioning” and click apply