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Copy and Paste not working in remote desktop machine

Some times all of  a sudden you loose the capability of copy/pasting the stuff from your local machine to RDP machine and vice versa. It works after logging-in back to the RDP machine.

Is there any way by which we can make it work without logging-out and then logging-in back to the machine?  Yes, we can do that. You will find a process named rdpclip running on your remote machine. This process is responsible for the management of shared clipboard between your local machine and remote machine. Good thing is that you can stop and restart rdpclip process on your remote machine without breaking anything.

Steps to make copy/paste work on RDP machine:-

  1. Launch Task Manager on your RDP machine
  2. Go to Process tab -> rdpclip.exe and then kill this process. This will stop the rdpclip process
  3. Now to restart this process, go to Application tab -> New Process and type rdpclip.
  4. Click Ok
  5. Try copy/paste and it will work as it is expected to work.


  1. vic999 says:

    thanks really great…….

  2. Neeru says:

    Thanks a lot. i was facing so many issues because of this. Now i is wroking at my end :)

  3. Alex2061 says:

    You can run the following commands on your remote machine one by one.

    Taskkill.exe /im rdpclip.exe

    This is a temporary fix, alternately you can use an online copy paste tool.