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Configuring firewall settings for SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) on Windows 2008 R2

Here we will talk about opening ports for SQL Server Analysis services installed on Windows 2008 R2 server.

1) Go to Windows firewall with advance security found in administrative tools.

2) In the Windows firewall with advance settings window, go to the Inbound rules tab and then right click and go to New Rule.

3) Against Rule type option select Port and move next.

4) Here we have to select TCP, as we will be opening a TCP port. Then specify the port number 2383 and move next.

5) Here in the Action tab, we will select allow the connection and move next.

6) Select when does this rule apply as per your requirement. Here we have selected Domain, so that the connections only from same domain are allowed. Move to next step.

7) Name this newly created rule as Analysis services and click finish.

8) In order to verify if the newly created rule is enabled (which is by default), you can check the Inbound rules and look for Analysis services rule.