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Configuring firewall settings for SQL Browser on Windows 2008 R2

In this article we will talk about configuring firewall settings for SQL Server Browser on Windows Server 2008 R2. Here we will open UDP port 1434 for SQL Server Browser.

Steps to be followed in order to open port for SQL Server are as follows: –

1)   Navigate to Start à Administrative Tools. Then go to Windows Firewall with Advance Security option.

2) In this window, go to the Inbound Rules and open a New Rule

3) We have to select the new firewall rule as Port for SQL Server Browser and move to next step.

4) Protocol that we will use is UDP and the port number will be 1434. Click Next.

5) Select Allow the connection in the below window.

6) This rule can be applied to computers that are in same domain or are connected to private network or public network. We will select Domain. Select appropriate option as per your requirement and move to the next step.

7) Type name for this rule like SQL Server Browser and click finish. This will now create a rule that will allow connections to UDP protocol at port 1434.

8) To verify if rule is created successfully, this can be found in the inbound rules option.