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Change timezone for Netezza server

You may face a situation when for some reason (change is datacenter location or business requirement) you have to change the Netezza system timezone. To change time zone for a Netezza server is not very complex but make sure its done without causing any issues.

To do so, we can do that using script stored at /opt/nz-hwsupport/install_tools. This script needs to be run as root and also both the hosts needs to be rebooted once necessary chnges are made.

Here is how it will work:
When you run this script, it will prompt you to select your option 1 thru 4.
Say if you want to check the current setting, select 3.

/opt/nz-hwsupport/install_tools ->

The script will prompt:

What do you want to do?
1: Set timezone on hosts
2: Set time/date on hosts
3: Display current settings
4: Exit
Select one : 3

Date format: YY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (AM/PM) TZ

HA1: 10-11-10 05:10:37 PM GMT
HA2: 10-11-10 05:10:38 PM GMT

Now, to make changes to time zone just select 1 and provide necessary details. Then restart both the hosts one by one and verify the setting by running the script again and select option 3. Also, when Netezza came back online you can verify that it is now using new time zone.