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Applying GDR update on SQL Server 2005 SP3

Once we have downloaded the correct update GDR or QFE for your SQL Server 2005 instance, you can start the update process by executing the update package.

Note: It will take approximately 20 minutes for update process to complete. Make sure we have taken a down time of at least 20 minutes to apply this update.


1) Run the setup file which  we have downloaded from Microsoft website. We have to make sure that the downloaded package is the correct one. Like in below screenshot we have downloaded this package for SQL Server 2005 32bit (setup file name is self descriptive).

2) Here setup will show the details of update/hotfix that we are going to apply. Like in below case we are going to apply 4060 hotfix (After patching is complete when we check the current version, it will be 9.xx.4060.xx)

3) Accept the license terms and click Next

4) Setup will automatically detect the SQL Server features installed on the server. Here if the check box against respective is not selected by default that mean that this setup is not the correct one for that version (even though we can manually select that feature and move next. Will may cause this update to fail).

5) Click Next

6) Setup will look for the files which are required by this setup. Incase setup finds and locked file, it will show at this point. Either we can kill the listed process and click Refresh or we can continue with installation. If we continue without taking any action, then we have to reboot the system in order for this update to take effect.

7) Click Install to start applying the hotfix.

9) Once update is completed successfully, we will see the below screen.

10) Click on View Summary to see the summary of what update setup did. Else click next and then Finish on next screen.

11) Reboot the system if no action was taken in step 6.

12) Check the current version and it should be 9.xx.4060.xx.