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Identify disks to be failed over manually – Netezza

Below query can be used identify disks with read write erros more than 1000 should be a candidate of manual failover. These disks can fail cause data corruption if not taken care off in timely manner.

Run below query to identify the disks:

nzsql -x -c “select hwid, diskserial,rack,spa,encl,slot,grown_defects,uncor_read,uncor_verify from v_scsi_disk where uncor_write >=250 or uncor_read>=1000 or uncor_verify >=250 order by rack, spa, encl, slot;”

Here we are also looking for disks with uncorrectable write errors more than 250 or uncorrectible verify errors moe than 250 as well.

How to find the blower details in a SPA – Netezza

How to find the blower details in SPA 4 (i.e. mm004) of your Netezza Twinfin appliance.

RUn below command as nz and you will get all the required info regarding this blower.

MyServer:/export/home/nz->ssh mm004 info -T blower[1]

system> info -T blower[1]
UUID: 8EE0 3CED CS05 14DE B51E 0919 9432 C5E6
Manufacturer: IBM (epM)
Manufacturer ID: 20301
Product ID: 64
Mach type/model: Chassis Cooling Dev
Mach serial number: Not Available
Manuf date: 4509
Hardware rev: 5
Part no.: 44E8110
FRU no.: 44E5083
FRU serial no.: YK10CD8E6060
CLEI: Not Available
Status: critical
Speed ( % of Max): 0%
Avg RPM: 0
Control State: Operational
VPD: 14