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Netezza state stuck at Synchronizing

What does it mean if your Netezza state (when you run nzstate) is showing as synchronizing?

You will only see nzstate as synchronizing on Mustang servers. This is not a valid state in TwinFin servers.
This state means that the system is online i.e. is in normal working state but in parallel it is trying to write failed disk/SPU data from the secondary to new disk. The system state returns back to online once regeneration is complete i.e. data copy to new disk is complete.

Please note, depending on the data volume this process can run for couple of minutes to hours.Until the time regeneration completes the nzstate command will show status as synchronizing and users will be able to use system as normal except a minor degradation  in performance of the Mustang server.

In TwinFin and Striper series servers we do not have nzstate = synchronising. Rather during disk failure the system state remains online and synchronising process will run in background.

Find Netezza version from client

You can check Netezza version from your client machine by either of the following ways.

1) Using nzsql run the below command:

nzsystem showRev -host host -u user -pw password

2) Using NzAdmin:
Connect to Netezza server using NzAdmin
Go to Help (tab) –> About NzAdmin
New page will open
This will show the NzAdmin version as well as NPS version

3) Using Aginity:
Connect to Netezza server using Aginity
Go to Help –> System info
New window will open
This will show you NPS version under “DBMS Version:” field

4) Buy issuing below query to system view:

select system_software_version from _v_system_info

Release 7.0.2 (P-5) [Build 31068]

5) Buy issuing below query to management table:

select label, rev_stamp from _t_Vt_NZREV

===== =========
Release 7.0.2 (P-5) [Build 31068] 7.0.2-0.F-1.P-5.Bld-31068